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XNotesNG, the successor to XNotesPlus, is a full-featured personal information manager. It includes an Todo Manager, Calendar Manager, and an extensive notes system, with features such as email, searching text, printing, alarms, date and calendar inserts, and categorization by colored projects.

Current Version: 4.0.1


XNotesNG - XNotes Next Generation - will be the fourth major release of the XNotesPlus series.

This is a complete redesign of the code to modularize and distribute functionality across a network. It will be backward compatible (not particularly difficult) and incorporate support for major Linux desktops or standalone use (for those without desktops but who still run a graphical environment).

Multiple OS platform is expected (Linux/Unix and MacOS, but probably not Windows). It will also maintain the original design goal of KISS by attempting to keep software components small and focused.

Project Tracking

Item Status Description
Design V4.0 Complete High level overview of the XNotesNG system.
V4.0 Architecture Partially comlete Detailed V2 architecture specification
Current Work Releasing 4.0 Notes on what's being done now and planned soon.
New Developer Guide? Information for new developers to get started with working on the project.
Source Code and Build Information Information related to the source code and development processes.
Environment Setup for Linux Tips for Linux users to make working with the source code a little easier.
Documentation? Developer and End User.

General Notes

Research Notes on research related to designing and implementing XNotesNG
Software Release Process? How we go about preparing for a software release.
Terminology? Important concepts defined.
Wish List Ideas we'll investigate for future development, some of which may already be in the existing architecture and some of which may not.
Developers? Who is working on this project.
References? Reference material, such as related external projects.

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