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4.1 Release

In planning stage.

Note sharing

Ideas on how to share notes between two nodes. These are very preliminary ideas, not a final plan (yet).

Note Changes

Ownership: Local, IP Address

    Ownership identifies who created the note

Locks: specifies node that holds lock Save requests passed to note owner along with updated text.


Create note

    Set lock

Open (unhide) note

    If locked, add lock icon, prevent edits
    If not locked, set lock
        If node is not local, lock request sent to note owner
        Wait for ack of lock request

Hide note

    If not local and locked, release lock
    If local, release lock
    if not local, destroy window
    if local, hide window

Lock query

    Return lock status

Lock request

    Set lock

Lock release

    release lock

Transfer lock

    Notify node holding lock, wait for ack.
    Remove lock icon
    Set lock
    Allow edits

Lock transfer notice

    Add lock icon, prevent edits

Save notice

    sve note text - may come from remote node

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