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Goals for XNotesNG

I think I should mention some of my goals for XNotesNG.  First, the current CVS tree is missing many of the features of the old XNotesPlus because of the port from C/GTK+ to Java/SWT is not complete.  Second, I don’t have a need for integration with my Palm Pilot anymore since I don’t use it.  But I do want to finish the calendar and then add a TimeTracker since I need it at work.

After that there are lots of possibilities.  The wiki [1] has lots of information on this.  The current work [2] page lists much of what I’m working on right now.  This includes a simple update to SWT 3.5 that will allow me to integrate a search box to the notes and a list of features that some users of the Boulder Linux Users Group [3] mentioned they wanted to see in a note program.  There are also some much older (and probably out of date) ideas on the Pre-4.0 plans [4] page.

There are lots of places this can go.  With a plugin interface I would like to encourage external projects that can install under XNotesNG as add-ons.  I’d love to see an implementation of Centipede added, just for fun.

Other ideas include

There are many other ideas that would be cool to think about.  For now, I just need to finish what I have under Current Work and get some other developers involved.

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