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XNotesNG is the next generation of a long running note and personal information manager project.  XNotesNG started life as the C and Xaw based xpostit, evolved into the GTK+ based XPositPlus/XNotesPlus series and now turns from C to Java.  All because the main developer likes to learn new things and not really so much because the world needs another notes program.

The current version of XNotesNG makes extensive use of the Java Plugin Framework (JPF).  This allows dynamic extension of the program through the use of third party plugins.  The core system provides basic functionality and all features are implemented as application plugins, such as notes, todo list and calendar.

XNotesNG was originally coded and tested on Fedora 11 Linux.  You should have little problem building and running on non-tested platforms using OpenJava or Sun’s Java.


XNotesNG’s predecessors, XNotesPlus/XPostitPlus, was based on David A. Curry’s original version known simply as xpostit.  When I was getting ready to release the 2.2 version I went and checked out the R5Contrib tree at ftp.x.org and found a version “3.3.1” from David dated 1991.  That’s sometime after I got hold of a copy.  The version that I released was based on his 1.2 version from 1990.  Since the trees had diverged a bit I decided I should give my version another name.  I checked with David on this and he agreed that changing the name was sufficient as long as I made the following disclaimer:

XNotesNG is not supported by David Curry in any way.  All bug reports, patches, etc, should be sent to me, Michael J. Hammel (mjhammel@graphics-muse.org) and not to David!

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