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I think I should mention some of my goals for XNotesNG.  First, the current CVS tree is missing many of the features of the old XNotesPlus because of the port from C/GTK+ to Java/SWT is not complete.  Second, I don’t have a need for integration with my Palm Pilot anymore since I don’t use it.  But I do want to finish the calendar and then add a TimeTracker since I need it at work.

After that there are lots of possibilities.  The wiki has lots of information on this.  The current work page lists much of what I’m working on right now.  This includes a simple update to SWT 3.5 that will allow me to integrate a search box to the notes and a list of features that some users of the Boulder Linux Users Group mentioned they wanted to see in a note program.  There are also some much older (and probably out of date) ideas on the Pre-4.0 plans page.

There are lots of places this can go.  With a plugin interface I would like to encourage external projects that can install under XNotesNG as add-ons.  I’d love to see an implementation of Centipede added, just for fun.

Other ideas include

  • Converting the simple menu to an iPod like browser to find apps.
  • Adding a network sync option to allow multiple instances of XNotesNG running for a single user on different systems to stay in sync with notes and other apps via a centralized server or perhaps a P2P type interaction.
  • Make a much better splash image.  You’d think the Graphics Muse would know how to do that, but it’s just getting around to it that’s the problem.
  • Integrating a browser that can connect to remote virtual machines.  I have ideas on how to do this based on my day job, but that’s for much later.

There are many other ideas that would be cool to think about.  For now, I just need to finish what I have under Current Work and get some other developers involved.

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